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Google sniper review July 2014

It has been a very long time that I have not posted anything about google sniper, so today I will show how much I made in June 2014, which was the last month. Now lets get into a screen shot from my clickbank account first:


As you see, I made over $2,100 a week from Wednesday June 18th to June 24


Now the question is, does google sniper still works in 2014? the answer is in the screenshot above and also in this video. here again, I showed my results but this video is a bit older. watch to find out more: [ Also you will get a FREE bonus from me when you check out google sniper, Link under this video]

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google sniper 2014 google updates

With new Google updates in 2014, many people ask me this question: Does Google sniper still works in 2014 with new Google updates? In this post, I will answer to this question for you.

Google sniper had lots of updates this year, specially after new changes too google. Also Google sniper had lots of updates in past 2 months. Take a look at this images from members area and new added content.


more than 14 new training videos has been added since last month…




As you see, many new content has been added and more will be added in future very soon..

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Top Business Model – Build a real and legit internet marketing business

As you know, yesterday I posted a video on YouTube about how I lost all of my business over nigh because I based my business on a wrong base. After that I started to learn professional internet marketing for free from Top Business Model and I got some interesting results but beside that, I learned a lots of amazing information which I did not know about them before but before that, watch this video from my channel:

I want to write this very short blog post and tell you why you need to change the way of doing internet marketing, if you are a person who is making money like the way I was doing it before…

  • You need to build your business

You need to understand this. Take internet marketing serious and start building your business. In Top Business Model, this is something that Sean Bagheri Talks about it too. I used to use newbie methods like Google sniper or even binary trading and that was why I lost everything over night. When I joined Top Business Model, I just figured out that what I was missing and how much time I just wasted over newbie and useless methods.

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I have not seen anything like this. An amazing professional internet marketing course which has lots of training videos with a coach who will make sure you do everything right as you move forward, and ALL FREE? how amazing is that

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10 Ways to Convert Customers

This E-book talks about customer psychology, what colors you need to use depend on your niche to words and angle of attack that you need to use in order to sell something to someone.
29 content marketing secrets e-book

This e-book is mostly case studies of people who are experts and their opinion about how to convert high in your business for different niches based on your costumer behavior.
48 Ways To Social-Power Your Business

Title of this e-book says what it is about. You will learn how to deliver traffic and sales to your business or website using social websites and be an active social user.
 Affiliate Masters Course

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Ultimate Guide To Landing Pages

An ultimate guide to making landing pages that convert well and help you to grow your business by creating an email list. Making an email list is something that I’ve talked about it in past very often and this is the ultimate way of doing it.

Google sniper 2.0 review 2014, Is it the right tool to make money? See what is inside


Check out Google sniper 2.0 Official Website+ an amazing bonus

Hello everyone, today i want to talk about Google sniper 2.0. There have been many questions about Google sniper, because Google sniper 2.0 was launched in 2011, and now we are in 2014 and also internet marketing changes constantly, so in this article i will answer all of these questions. Google sniper 2.0 is the one of the most famous affiliate marketing courses of all the time, in this article, i will explain how it works, i will take you to different part of it and show you everything, then i will tell you my experience and at the end i will show you my results and if it works for you and is it does is still work or no.

  • So first, let’s talk about Google sniper 2.0 itself.

Google sniper is a very detailed course with a main eBook and seven tutorial videos which will take you through the whole course. Let me explain it first very quick how Google sniper works. google sniper will teach you how to create affiliate product review sites around a specific keyword. a keyword is like “how to lose weight fast” and depends on how many searches that keyword gets, for example this keywords get 1000 searches in a month, this means you will get about 1000 visitors every month and it is autopilot and it will go almost forever, and then shows you how to rank your sites in google better than everybody and get visitors from google. Let’s say you will create a site about a weight loss product, then you will have an affiliate link which will point visitors to the purchase page and each time someone buys the product, you will make money.


As you see first module is getting started. in this module you will download the applications that you need in order to open files from this course like adobe PDF reader and VLC player. so let’s see a part of the welcome video.

google sniper 2 , getting started module


The second module which is the main module of this course is called “google sniper 2.0” which is the core of this course. Before i explain it to you more, let me tell you this course is not going to grantee you to make you a millionaire, because it is always about yourself and this course is about the real truth of affiliate marketing, not like one button scammy systems and there is no affiliate marketing method out there that can make you money in one day.

so after you get to the members area and going thought all the course, you will going to need to work and get it done, as i said it is about how hard you will try, i really recommend you to be patient and put time in it so you will be successful, however you can always get your money back in 60 days, and that’s not a problem at all.

First video is an introduction with a short eBook which i recommend you to read it and then you will see the actual google sniper manual. This is the whole course and it is what this course will be about

google sniper 2.0 website is here! click to check it out

google sniper main module

As you see here, these are the videos, the firs one is about how to find a product in click bank and so on.

find clickbank products

A sniper site can make you around 300 to 1000$ a month depends on how well you do steps in the manual and everything that has been said and how fast your sniper site ranks, sometimes it takes more time to rank for keywords with higher competition and that’s why i said you should be patient but when you want to rank for a high competition keyword, you will make way more money , but if you are looking for some fast money, in the course he will teach you how you can find keywords with low competition, but still with good amount of searches to get traffic from.


In the course you’ll learn how to make money from other websites and not just click bank, like amazon, CPA networks and… just for you to know, there is tons of ways that you will learn in this course to make money from.

And there is a process map which is a summary of the whole course, you see it is telling how much time each step takes but it depends on your experience. For me, the first time i created a sniper site, i took me about a day.

Then here is the “future training module“. this is a module for those who have sniper sites already and want to rank them higher and find out the ways to get more traffic and sales and what can go wrong and mistakes you might make and how to stop them, here you see “pre-selling video, which will teach you how to maximize your conversion and other videos…

google sniper 2.0 review

The next step is empire module. empire module is basically the part that will get you to 6 figures a month after having two or three sniper sites. this module is for out sourcing your sniper sites, or pay people to do stuff for you in a cheap price so you won’t put too much time when you have too many sniper sites and basically grow your business. It has very good tutorials in it.

google sniper 2.0 empire module


And here is rolodex module, what it is that it shows you the links and sources that were mentioned in different modules of course, like hosting, affiliate networks, tools and resources and the outsourcing links which you can find people to do the work for you.

google sniper 2.0 rolodex module

imagine you have 5 sniper sites that make you 1500$ a month, each 300$, you can pay people cheap amounts to make 4 more sniper sites for you and get to twice your monthly income from sniper sites and make more money until you get to the place where George brown is at.

The next and last module is “Sniper X” Module which is the coolest part of this course. in this module he will post newest updates and methods, like list building and it’s very amazing. and as you see also George brown holds a monthly webinar which he answers to all questions LIVE on the web, which you will join the webinar and type your question or put your site and he will review it and tell you what is wrong with it and how you can improve your site and if you missed these webinars, they are recorded and you can check them out later. one thing that i can say is there is tons of trainings in these webinars and it’s just insane how much information you will get in them, which you won’t have something like this in any other course and i promise that, and that’s what makes the google sniper 2.0 very effective and best

So the question is does it work in 2014? i can say totally yes and in that is why I’ve been using it myself. With new updates that they release always in sniper x module, they will help you to stay updated always and this is not a scam for those who were asking about it and if you don’t like it, you can get all of your money back 60 days and its guaranteed they will give all of your money back. so i recommend you to start today so for those who want to join, all you have to do is using the link bellow in the description, go to the google sniper official site and check it out. I hope my review helped you to decide and of course it is just 47 dollars.

Google Sniper 2.0 Review – After 2 years of use

Important note:

Despite the fact that I made lost of money from google sniper, I don’t suggest it any more and the reason for that is I moved to something very different and better.

I moved on to professional and real internet marketing business and I don’t use these newbie methods anymore, If you want to learn professional internet marketing for FREE and build a real internet business that pays your bills, I suggest you to join Top Business Model. Its free and you will have Bsupport of a super affiliate as you learn and move forward…

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Rank Videos High in Google and YouTube Using Advance Video SEO Methods

Its finally out! the video SEO book that we talked about it a long tile ago and I mentioned it in many posts. In this E-book I will reveal my video SEO secrets which helped me to make lots of money from YouTube by ranking my video high in YouTube and Google. first of all, watch the video here:

Important note: I moved on to professional and real internet marketing business and I don’t use these newbie methods anymore, If you want to learn professional internet marketing for FREE and build a real internet business that pays your bills, I suggest you to join Top Business Model. Its free and you will have support of a super affiliate as you learn and move forward…

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Its finally here! My first Free to download E-book for all of my blog subscribers and visitors. In this E-book me and my friend Sean put everything we know about our experiences in internet marketing and making money online. This E-book is a short version of our brains! These days blogging is a big thing and blogging with style is another thing!

You need to learn to write great content both for SEO and your visitors. First take a look at my video from my YouTube channel: [Link to video here]

Important note: I moved on to professional and real internet marketing business and I don’t use these newbie methods anymore, If you want to learn professional internet marketing for FREE and build a real internet business that pays your bills, I suggest you to join Top Business Model. Its free and you will have support of a super affiliate as you learn and move forward…

Cedar Finance Review – March 2014

Cedar Finance home office is placed at Nicosia, Cyprus, which is exclusive agent. Since they have a tendency to work universally, hence they have extra business settings in different nations also. It was started in 2010 and its platform is controlled by Spotoption. Cedar Finance offers very noteworthy comes back to its traders, in this manner offering a number of various other trading platforms that lures a ton of new clients on to its online based platform.

Cedar Finance Trading Platform Features

Because of having a large number of brokers nowadays that prompts a ton of rivalry in the business, Cedar Finance Review conveys a platform that is truly client amicable. There are sure trading options that Cedar Finance offers to its clients which incorporate:

1. Binary Options: This permits a trader to pick any asset they require to trade with, click the “Call” bind accepting that they acknowledge the value may build till the expiry time or “Put” decision in case they acknowledge that the cost will fall, henceforth hold up for the effect and accumulate their benefit appropriately.
2. Options Builder: This characteristic permits a trader to increase control over their expiry time and regulate in like manner.
3. One Touch: With an expiry of practically a week, traders have the ability to get an exceptional rate of benefit if their trade is in the money.
4. 60 Seconds: It is a call or a put choice embodying time expiry of 60 seconds suitable for those traders who need to make a quick return.

Inside each of these binary options brokers, a trader has the ability to uncover the most present and suggested trading chances. Additionally each one trading choice could be finished with such not many clicks through mouse. With the Spotoption driving the platform, the clients can rest guaranteed that it is innovatively propelled and easy to utilize.

Click here to read a more In depth review from cedar finance